Pastry Evolution is a personal assistant and trusted aid for chefs, technologists, home pastry cooks, both beginners and professionals of culinary.



Create your own online shop in 5 minutes.

Now you can create your own online shop with ingredients, recipesor desserts with only a few clicks! We have a wide range of various patterns. All the applications created in a virtual showcase automatically go to the “orders” chapter where youcan explore your client’s needs.

Order management

Keep track of your orders with several clicks.

Now the work with customers gets simpler! With the new “orders” chapter you can easily make mutual payments, process charts and more. Try it
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Don’t lose your customers, store Pastry Evolution in CRM

Also for your convenience, we’ve added the “contacts” chapter, which is fully designed for the management of your personal customer base. Gotoapp

Flavor Analyzer

Discover flavors, analyze flavor combinations and balance

Ingredient Database

Ready-made catalogue of more than 1000 ingredients

Create your own unique recipe! Choose the ingredients using our ready-made catalogue. Our user-friendly interface allows to easily edit or add your own, while a high degree of protection guarantees safety of any changes you make. Use filters, allergen markers, and tag cloud for easier search of the ingredient needed.

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Editing Recipes

Use widgets for editing and creating your own recipes


Create Unique Desserts

Use widgets for editing the recipe


You are encouraged to experiment when creating your own dessert! Our in-built flavor analyzer will guide you within the perfect flavor matches. You can always use our handy system for searching and filtering to find the exact recipe according to the particular ingredients and search categories.


Confectioner's Innovative Tools

Flavor Analyzer

Analyze flavor balance of the dessert before cooking

Control of allergens

Create dessert without allergens and alcohol

Nutritional and caloric value count

Automize the nutritional and caloric value count of the recipes and desserts

Recipes and Desserts Database

Use the available recipes and create your own ones

Cost Price Count

Automize the price calculation and monitor the price movements

Smart Selection

Match ingredients and recipes to suit your tastes

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Flavors and flavor combinations
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Unique Possibilities for True Masters

Select the available recipes from the database or create your own

Discover flavors, analyze flavor combinations and balance

Use ready-made catalogue of more than 1000 ingredients

Get access to the unique auteur desserts of the famous pastry chefs


Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of the Pastry Evolution service usage?

The Confectionery Arts is dynamically developing. Today, the cooking industry and technique are much more complicated than they used to be even only 5 years ago.

To reach a high professional top, a modern pastry chef must not only have a deep understanding of a large amount of recipes, but also be self-disciplined and financially literate.

Pastry Evolution - is a global tag space, where you can digitize and optimize all the working processes:

  • recipes database storage;
  • desserts creation;
  • preparation and printing of the cooking flow chart;
  • order cost price count;
  • automatic shopping lists unloading
  • ... etc.

We are dynamically progressing and constantly improving our service, developing and adding new modules. Most importantly, we are proud to have a great team of famous professional pastry chefs and programmers working on this project.

Join us!

Who can view my desserts, recipes, and ingredients?

We can keep secrets and protect confidential information.

All the desserts, recipes, and ingredients you create are hidden from the other users and website admins, being accessible only for you.

If wanted, you can share them with other users or make them accessible for all the subscribers of the service.

Before adding to the catalogue, all the desserts, recipes, and ingredients undergo a detailed moderation. After checking, they will be sent to a general database of the service with a mandatory acknowledgment of your authorship.

Is this service suitable for me if cooking is my hobby and I'm a beginner pastry chef?

Specially for this kind of users, we have the most optimal tariff "Start", which allows to work with the ready-made database of ingredients. recipes, and desserts, as well as keep and create their own.

Using the service you can:

  • explore the detailed recipes, technique and ways of cooking desserts;
  • improve your theoretical background;
  • gain new practical skills;
  • learn the secrets of chefs;
  • upgrade your culinary proficiency.

If you need some additional professional tools for automatic nutritional value count, or accounting of the ingredients in stock, etc, you can change at any time your tariff into "Standard" or "Business" with the expanded set of modules and functionality.

How difficult is to use this service?

We did our best to create an intuitively clear system with a simple interface. You don't need to have any special knowledge for a successful service usage, basic computer skills will be enough.

Specially for the new service users, we integrated the clarifications and tutorials inside the modules of the service. You will get the detailed instructions and tips directly during the work with the website.

In addition, the technical support representatives will be glad to help you and reply to any of your questions in chat or via email.